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by rose

[Short Demo} Discover a world of Yokais. Be an Onmyoji who served under the Imperial Emperor. Find love, friendship or get revenge for what the Imperial had done to you. Would you be the most powerful Onmyouji in your time or find peace for those who had lost their way?
fantasy historical lore_rich_world medieval monsters mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance

by assassinslover

The gods are dead. Those that survived the end have fled, leaving humans to fend for themselves without protection. In their absence a great evil is rising, one that threatens to be worse than any trick Loki could have devised.
detailed_world-building future lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_transgender politics romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc science_fiction

by moreau

A far in the future tale of power-hungry nobles and rebellious citizenry that also tangentially happens to be about robots and tattooed magicians living a sealed enclosure roughly the size of Texas, protected from the world outside by a two-mile high steel quadruped that forms the basis of its own religion. ... It is mostly about the first two things, in case I lost you there... In brief it contains romance, betrayal, intrigue, and a tortoise the size of a frigate. (His name is Chauncey)
detailed_world-building pc_can_be_female school science_fiction series serious superheroes

by lucaszaper

Welcome to the World Institute for Superpowered People.
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic monsters no_sexual_content non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman pc_can_be_transgender politics romanceable_non-binary_npc serious

by rudje

You are a member of a diplomatic mission to establish trade with a desert clan. Your job, as the most junior member of the group, is to not mess up and help ease the friction between the groups. What will you do to ensure its success? What will you do to seem harmless? It's up to you.
aliens future lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary politics romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_gender-fluid_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc science_fiction

by jezebelthenun

You play as a Delhuman, the 4th evolution of humanity and the newest race to join the Tasmaii Incorporate, who is given the opportunity to leave Earth behind and travel to Doldes, the TI's most prized city planet. As you traverse this new world, you'll meet new Planetary Races, some friend and some foe, as the different relationships you forge help to shape your story. Claim your side in one of the biggest issues dividing the Tasmaii people, Functional Cellular Stasis. Will you stand with the Government, which makes it illegal to age naturally? Will you join forces with the religious Elds, who fight as rebels and outlaws, willing to die for their right to die naturally? Will you find a path that's all your own, uncovering the histories and mysteries of the Planetary Races along the way? Or will you flounder in the Doldesian society? The choices are yours.
crime grim historical medieval politics war

by alexbaffu

"The People of Struteanu" tells the the main historical events during the reign of Voivode Tomsa.
comedy detailed_world-building fantasy lighthearted magic mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance vampires young_adult

by roxanneabner

You play as a young woman/man who lives in New York, sharing an apartment with your highschool friend Lenny, who is also a vampire, so opening the fridge to find bags of blood isn't something strange for you. Of course, supernatural isn't something strange for you, in general, as you are one of the few people who can see what other people can't: monsters, magic, places hidden from the human eye. Being a big city, New York's secret supernatural society is very active. The game begins with you going to apply for a job in a group of people who have the same ability as you, a group that maintains the supernatural world a secret, protect people and get hired by supernaturals to solve all kind of cases. The group is formed by: Dominic, the leader, Megan (Dominic's little sister), Greyson, a mysterious guy and Cameron, a very smart but also absent-minded girl, who likes mixing tech with magic. Features: -One big case which will be solved at the end of the game and 6 sub-cases involving different supernatural creatures -A glossary -Books/Movies/TV Shows/Anime references -Dragons -Hot demons -Non-sparkling vampires -Four ROs with unique paths -A MC with personality -Sarcasm We are open to suggestions. If you catch any grammar mistakes or bugs, please tell us. If you have any questions, ask. We’ll answer any question as long as it is not spoilery. We hope you like the game. Enjoy!
comedy detailed_world-building exclusive_gay_romance exclusive_straight_romance fantasy lighthearted lore_rich_world magic monsters mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_gender-fluid_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc school young_adult

by leopardmoon

You are a young American college student about to enter your first year at Naos University, only to discover that Naos isn't just a school, but also a world full of magic and mystery. Oh, and crazy old gods who want you to become one of their legendary "Riders."
detailed_world-building fantasy grim lore_rich_world medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc series war

by lucaszaper

Play as a medieval Lord or Lady in an original low fantasy setting full of mysteries and intrigue. Customize your House and your fief, hold court, pass judgement, make alliances and try to survive the upcoming war.
crime fantasy monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc series vampires

by seraphinite

Your first case as Detective is forcing you to open your eyes to a world bigger than you thought. But, maybe it's better to keep them closed. Knowing too much doesn’t help anyone sleep at night!
alternate_history fantasy genderlocked_female grim horror magic medieval monsters mythology pc_can_be_female preset_protagonist serious trigger_warnings

by interestedparty

The world has ended. An event known as the Convergence brought together Hell and Earth, bringing demons and devils to our lands and bringing about humanity's extinction event. Trapped inside a suit of sentient armor, use your abilities and your rage to become a hunter of their kind and take revenge. (Classic CS style)
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance

by scribblesome

As a child, a chance discovery left you the holder of an ancient magical power. Now, you awake in a tomb, your memories and powers gone, your only companion a cryptic and mysterious stranger who says they can help you regain your past - if you trust them. How did you get from there to here? And what has happened to the world in your absence? As you relive your old memories, your decisions affect both past and present. Make allies or deadly enemies. Uncover ancient mysteries. Stay the person you used to be, or try to change your ways. And decide - what exactly are you willing to do for power?
comedy fantasy magic medieval monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_gender-fluid_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc

by mfloyd

You were just a part of a small video game company making a basic Fantasy-RPG. Now, for reasons currently unknown, you are inside the game you were all creating. At least you've got your coworkers, so they should know how to handle this. Right?

by shawnreed343

Psychological Survival Horror
exclusive_gay_romance exclusive_straight_romance grim horror monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male philosophical romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc science_fiction serious surreal

by LaceTheDisgrace

You live in apartment 808. For as long as you can remember you have had wings, but you can't fly. They are pitiful, broken things made of bone and shredded skin stitched together. You aren't allowed to leave the 8th floor of the Summerset Apartment Complex, and the only other people you ever come in contact with are the other freaks of the 8th floor and your mysterious benefactor, Doctor. Doctor has cared for you for as long as you can remember.... BfP is a semi-horror/psychological game with mild romantic elements if the player chooses to go down that path.
comedy fantasy lighthearted lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance series young_adult

by mizartist33

The polished draft short demo for the sequel to "So, You're Possessed!"
detailed_world-building fantasy magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc school

by xionide

You play as a teenager who has lived their lives normally for the past 16 or so years. One night, you have a strange dream and lose your memories. The next day, you have strange encounters and find out you have gotten involved in something big. In order to get your memories back and stay alive, you have to join a secret organization which will train you to use supernatural powers.
historical medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male real_life

by fu-lin

[Completed] Experiment with the code, though there is a story also. Twelfth century life story. Short play-through, will have lots of endings once finished.
genderlocked_female grim horror pc_can_be_female preset_protagonist real_life serious trigger_warnings young_adult

by creepypastakitty

(mature content) **trigger warnings** parental abuse, violence, drugs. You are a 19 year old visually impared woman living with your abusive dad. You will meet up with your best friend Emma and go on adventures.
crime fantasy magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romance science_fiction

by forumcommunitycoopproject

Your uncle has gone missing, and it's up to you to find him. The problem is, it seems he's stuck in a book somewhere, and you don't know which one. (This is the demo version. The full version will be released shortly.)

by scribblesome

You are a secret agent, sent to uncover an enemy agent in the glittering surroundings of a casino.
child_friendly comedy crime lighthearted no_explicit_violence no_sexual_content superheroes young_adult

by masqcrew

This is my first attempt at interactive fiction. It's very simple. I wrote it with my 7 year old in mind.
fantasy magic medieval military monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary politics romance romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc school science_fiction war

by reinaldo

This game is about magical mechas and war between five kingdoms, who want total domination.
exclusive_gay_romance exclusive_straight_romance fantasy historical medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male real_life romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc serious war warm-hearted

by penguin

**The Sword Mark** According to beliefs, people who have have sword marks on their bodies are sent by the Gods to lead the world. In the conclave, they fight to death for the throne. And the last survivor becomes the new ruler.
child_friendly crime magic no_explicit_violence no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary real_life

by nuclearpolymer

Will you bet on the ancient art of divination, your powers of logical deduction, or an intuitive understanding of human nature? Pick wisely! You've got just a few days to prove yourself as an elite techno-investigator for Ubiquity Incorporated.
crime exclusive_gay_romance exclusive_straight_romance fantasy pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male real_life romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc school serious superheroes surreal young_adult

by commanderpumpkin

Visions of Destiny is set in a small town and is about a young man/woman who has power to perceive future events before they happen (precognition). The source of this power and the reason why it is given to him/her is unknown.
exclusive_gay_romance exclusive_straight_romance fantasy future monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male real_life romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc series surreal war zombies

by cinbala

The scientists discover a new plant and named it monkeyflower. In a short amount of time, 40% of the population get infected by the newly discovered plant which causes them to become hyper-aggressive and lose their humanity.

by mmeillar

The world has ended in atomic flame. You are a lone warrior, trying to survive in the wasteland of Philly. Your latest task is simple: confirm the existence of a coal deposit in an abandoned village. But nothing is easy as it seems in a wasteland.

by wique

A group of vigilante hackers managed to get away with the biggest cyber-crime of the decade, or did they? You and ten others are wrapped up in this royal mess, with no easy way out.
fantasy pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc science_fiction

by Dazzah_

In its current state, it is a concept piece for random npc's including name species gender and romantic interest. Included in the first scene is the npc debug. May be slow due to NPC generation. Gameplay stats are currently based off of DnD 5e.

by kueen

Yoishi is a Utopian dome, where nothing is bad. You are a girl living in it, enjoying the peace and goodness. Unless someone disrupts it.
fantasy magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male

by foxvixen

You’re the first and only child of King Julius and the Good Queen Evelyn. As you grow older you start to unravel the twisted story of your family and the castle that holds them. Discover secrets, political plots, romance and more!
exclusive_straight_romance genderlocked_female politics romance

by delaire

Hello, welcome to the great land of Arcadia, set in the 1800s. Here you are going to play a wealthy young lady looking for marriage. Navigate through scandals and romance in this game of power. Who knows whose eyes you would catch?
aliens comedy fantasy lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female romance

by doctor

Play as an alien that has been sent to Earth on a mission. Will you try and wipe out humanity? Or will you betray your alien overlords and befriend the humans?
exclusive_straight_romance historical medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male politics romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc serious war

by domates

15 years ago, your noble family was betrayed and burnt alive when they were sleeping the in the castle. Fortunately, you weren't in the castle when it happened. Since you're the true heir to the throne, how will you take it from the current King?

by hd

Gakko No Kaidan: OkuzawaCho is set in the fictional town of Okuzawa in the year 2008. You need to find out the supernatural happenings in the town and school without getting caught by the Onryo of OkuzawaCho.
future no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_gender-fluid_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc zombies

by lexy

You wake up all alone. Your usually highly-populated town is now empty. You look out the window and see a person. However, they are not normal anymore... will you survive this zombie apocalypse?
fantasy magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman

by depressedsock

A game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Create your character and venture forth with your group of friends as your Game Master weaves together a story of your accomplishments or your downfalls. Note: There will be mature content in this story
exclusive_straight_romance pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary politics romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc science_fiction war

by sviyagin

When your older siblings die unexpectedly, you are retrieved from planet Earth to take their place as heir to the throne and help your Emperor father navigate the crisis.
aliens comedy crime real_life romance

by kristinanre

You are an Aliciaa. Half UAR, (Unidentified Alien Race) half human, with magical powers. Your best friend is also an Aliciaa. Not to mention one of the most wanted criminals on earth. Become a criminal, or a hero. What path will you choose?
lighthearted lore_rich_world monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc sequel series vampires

by seraphinite

Two months have passed since the bloody showdown with Murphy. But an altogether different presence is rolling into Wayhaven, cloaked in striped tents, blazing lights, and clouds of cotton candy. The Carnival has arrived. Prepare for the ride!

by bl00dragon

A story set within the far, far future of my universe in the middle of the spatial conquest. It is set in a western-ish atmosphere, you play as a 'mercenary' having to carve their place into the, still wild, galaxy.
fantasy magic monsters romance school vampires

by danielle-w

In this game, you will play as one of five special beings that need to end the Wizard's tyranny over all the other species.
comedy pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance trigger_warnings young_adult zombies

by papertowniii

It was like any day, sitting in your classroom until everything went to hell. Zombies, yes, zombies rampaged the Earth for “no reason”. Now you’re stuck with your classmates, an ‘angsty teenage survival group’.
fantasy horror monsters serious surreal trigger_warnings

by arthurfalcao

Its a game about a person who comes to be a puppet in a play of three Nameless Cosmic Entitys. They are trying to use you, but have you any freewill in this or willpower to go against their plans?
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