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fantasy horror lore_rich_world magic monsters mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc

by catt

There have been a series of strange occurrences around the town. Medicinal plants and herbs are withering, the fish have fled, there is little game to hunt along the sparse shores, and waters beneath it all have started to grow dark.
alternate_history future military pc_can_be_female politics science_fiction space_opera war

by spytim

The war is over but the galaxy still burns. You are an Operative of the Empire. But when ghosts of the past threaten to plunge the galaxy into another war, you must burn your past or embrace it anew.
crime grim philosophical serious superheroes trigger_warnings

by anjie

What would you do if you had a second chance to say goodbye?
fantasy horror magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance series young_adult

by bertiome

After a strange encounter, you gain psychic gifts and start to have disturbing dreams. How fortunate that the Ornithological Fellowship of North America is here to help, and they only require a few drops of blood. It's probably not a cult... right?
fantasy medieval

by atlas7

You play as a spy of the Kingdom of Eikshal, one whose duty is to make sure the kingdom's relationship with it's neighbor, the Kingdom of Umbrael doesn't turn hostile as it can result into a full blown war.
fantasy magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary young_adult

by swatheford

Swatheford has always been quiet and peaceful until now. When there’s a surge of strangers searching for a powerful relic, the Detective must protect their town and solve the mystery of the town... and themselves.
detailed_world-building lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary politics romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc serious superheroes trigger_warnings

by sparrowagnello

When I returned to the apartment whre we lived, I saw my sister’s lifeless body. Holding my sister’s dead body in my hands, I decided to get back at them no matter what.
horror monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance

by lacunafiction

Fernweh Saga is a character driven, romance focused, interactive fiction with slow-build horror elements that unravel as you move deeper into the plot. Some homecomings feel more like rude awakenings, but this one will become a waking nightmare.
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc surreal trigger_warnings young_adult

by aidentenshi

Are you curious about your identity ? Do you want answers about who trapped you in this laboratory and why ? Then welcome to your journey where you will encounter friends, some grateful, or would like to put you into silence.
fantasy romance romanceable_gender-fluid_npc science_fiction

by littlefirefly

A few years into the future and scientist were able to open a door into other parallel universes, which not only opened A door for opportunities, but complete chaos and destruction as well.
comedy crime fantasy grim magic monsters mythology no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary politics surreal

by deeborm

You were created by a mad wizard in a land of monsters and immediately accused of murder. How can you defend yourself against the law of Evil? How can you find the truth in a world of injustice?
animal_protagonist fantasy magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender

by kapuchiinnoo

In this world human and kemono getting along, even there is some disapproval between the two parties. Hunts demon or get some demon ally for yourself in upcoming quest! P.s : I'll write in indonesian if i realize that i bad at english
lighthearted warm-hearted

by wonderinglily

Just a simple test run for a pokemonesque game called ‘The Wisps’
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic monsters pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_transgender romance

by paigense

Play The Emissary from one of three origins in a fantasy/ 1940's-flavored world where faith and magic are based around the elemental gods and the exodus of an ancient people from paradise. The moonscourge took your old life, what else will it change?
fantasy grim lore_rich_world magic monsters

by nocturno

Welcome to Kindorius, a land where the truth is never what it seems to be... Grab your swords/bows/daggers/fireballs and come help defeat (or join, for that matter) a new evil who wants to conquer Kindorius and the rest of the world’s territories.
fantasy grim lore_rich_world magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonhuman romance romanceable_bisexual_npc serious surreal trigger_warnings

by thousandlostsouls

Would it be strange if I told you the world as you know it came to accept the Supernatural into the world? Terribly progressive I'd say. But what of what lies behind the fabric that keeps reality in place? The dark threatens the light. Save it.
animal_protagonist fantasy magic monsters pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary trigger_warnings young_adult

by lupusdeus

Play as a werewolf in a world filled with magic. Uncover your past, save the world or destroy it.
fantasy historical mythology romance

by booklover

Everything has ended, the day you chose to save that stranger but ended up with a bizarre offer to exchange bodies and replace them on the very other side. was it your desire to replace them or to find the truth about your existence
lighthearted non-western_culture real_life romance

by alieebobo

Head home for the holidays. *Cue: Imminent disaster.* Will you survive dinner with the extended family? Will you find new love or rekindle an old flame? Where, and what, /is/ home, anyway?
future sports

by justhefax

Most spies have reasonable, plausible covers. Not you. Your day job was as a professional tennis player because it takes you all over the world while being almost entirely anonymous.- Very in progress - Updated with new doubles engine.
magic medieval no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary

by scattereda

A no romance game about exploring the depths under your feet.
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic romance

by wonderinglily

When the college campus falls into chaos, you find your body leading you into a forest where you black. You wake up into a world of fantastical and strange creatures and people, but the strangest thing is that you are being called 'The Prophecy'.
detailed_world-building lore_rich_world magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender politics romance serious trigger_warnings

by innsmouthdweller

Your family abandoned you, sent to an orphanage when you were five. You don't remember much from that time, don't have any connection with anyone. After graduating from your university you've received a job offer you can't refuse. 18+, 2 chapters WIP
comedy fantasy genderlocked_male magic medieval mythology romance

by beebavelc

A Rom-Com / Fantasy interactive-game novel
crime detailed_world-building pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary philosophical real_life romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc series

by thourne

Very much a WIP: You just wanted to be a museum curator, you wanted a nice life with your lover, you just wanted the little things in life to work out... Was that truly to much to ask? It would seem so because you've been caught up in a heist.
aliens genderlocked_female no_sexual_content romance science_fiction space_opera

by cmsfbc01

You're abducted from your house one night by an alien. And as if that weren't strange and jarring enough, you learn a secret that will change your entire life.
comedy fantasy magic medieval monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance young_adult

by beebavelc

A story where the MC got reincarnated in a place called, "Erodania"
alternate_history fantasy magic mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_transgender politics romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc school surreal warm-hearted young_adult

by csn

You are a bright-eyed youth trying to pave your way in Velos. Be ushered to an elite group of Draello’s best. Form companionships. Maintain your marks. Unravel the conundrum behind the mist of secrecy that engulfs the kingdom.
future no_explicit_violence no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc science_fiction space_opera

by spaceoddity

A science fiction interactive novel WIP set in a future of space travel, intersystem politics and somewhat unfortunate protagonists. Where is home, now that Earth is no longer an option? Where is home, now that you are hounded every step of the way?
monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary science_fiction superheroes western young_adult

by nethox

A catastrophe wreaked throughout the world, earthquakes split open - magma rolled across the surface and storms swallowed cities whole. All that's left is the intense sun and the wastes below, inhabited by just two kinds of people. Which are you?
crime real_life romance young_adult

by celestialdusks

You're a member of one of the most powerful gangs in London. Your life suddenly becomes more interesting when you're, forcibly, sent on a mission with unlikely allies to solve one of the biggest mysteries — all whilst completing the impossible.
detailed_world-building future science_fiction

by justhefax

Humanity is dead. Don't panic. There is a plan. Now if only anybody was willing to tell you what it was. - Very much a work in progress. Apologies for any bugs.
fantasy lore_rich_world magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pirates romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc

by rocky

Command your own airship and conquer the skies! Race to reclaim ancient artefacts against the Empire and find secrets that reveal your floating city's mysterious past.

by morgan-vane

A supernatural romance story with horror elements and villain romances! Written by Intimidating Puffin Studios~
crime pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender politics romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc school young_adult

by hotmessexe

Your senior year at a prestigious prep school turns into a bloody mess when you get caught up in a series of sabotages and contract-killings. How long can you evade the authorities? How long can you outrun your personal demons?
detailed_world-building fantasy lighthearted lore_rich_world magic medieval mythology no_explicit_violence non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc warm-hearted

by Caevacior

You are the Messenger. Your job is to deliver messages. Now, it's time to deliver the most important and dangerous message yet. Embark on an epic quest to seek the Chosen One to help restore balance to the world or succumb to catastrophic disaster.
future horror pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary science_fiction

by shpooky

Prosperity Station is a sci-fi horror set on a space station where things are not quite as they seem...bad things lurk in the shadows, things with long claws and sharp teeth...
detailed_world-building fantasy historical lore_rich_world magic medieval military politics war

by jedherne

An epic fantasy game where you rule Treboulain: a magical, medieval city. When an enemy army beseiges Treboulain, will you have the strength to protect your people? (Note: this demo contains the first 2 chapters - about 48,000 words of gameplay.)
alternate_history fantasy non-western_culture pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc war

by ju0an

In a peninsula torn and divided between the four Elemental Stones and three kingdoms, you awaken bruised and beaten, somehow having made yourself the permanent master of the Earthstone.
crime exclusive_straight_romance genderlocked_male lore_rich_world military trigger_warnings war

by schizoreader

You are a journalist, trapped in a war zone. You met people who are also trying to survive. Could you stay alive in the war zone, repelling bandits and other armed groups?
no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_transgender romanceable_bisexual_npc school

by beumont

For your whole life, you have been attending Baskerville Academy for the Enlightened. Life for you has been faring well as a prefect. On your senior year, you are faced with the arrival of two new prospective students. What secrets can you uncover?
crime pc_can_be_nonbinary real_life romance

by olivewrites

We all know how it goes - the hero wins the love interest and their movies and books always get the happy endings. But what about the villain? Would you ever fall in love with a sinner?
fantasy genderlocked_female magic medieval mythology preset_protagonist romance romanceable_gay_npc

by robberbaroness

An Arthurian romance game! What will become of you in this timeline?
detailed_world-building fantasy lighthearted lore_rich_world magic monsters pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender philosophical politics romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_gender-fluid_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc steampunk warm-hearted

by arlo-elm

A High Fantasy Solarpunk Adventure
grim romance

by coy

A hamlet town's reality is unraveling as eldritch promises come due — but saving it may cost more than your life.
fantasy medieval sequel war

by sidoe

Your the son of a Great King. Will you protect the Kingdom from the Witchmaster'so army who rumors to be coming from the East
historical lore_rich_world medieval military pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary

by wealmostmadeit

A game about soldiering inspired by high medieval era, two chapters, but alot of pictures for those with more kindergarden proclivities.
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic pc_can_be_male romance series superheroes young_adult

by mystic

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