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detailed_world-building fantasy lighthearted lore_rich_world military pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc warm-hearted

by writingfever

There are many roads to greatness. Which will you walk?

by eos

Fallen London/Sunless sea-esque open world game
fantasy mythology philosophical

by darkner

Basically, you get sucked into a fantasy game that you and your friends contributed in. The world turns out to be different from what you guys expected it to be. Now, you on a journey to find a path out of the world and return home.
fantasy horror monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonhuman romanceable_bisexual_npc science_fiction vampires zombies

by loldemort

You're a vampire who finds yourself starving to death as zombies kill off most humans. When you encounter a group willing to bargain their blood for your protection, you must become their leader and help them survive--or perish along with them.
fantasy lighthearted romance superheroes

by kirakana

Go on a journey, meet stuff and do people. Or is it the other way around?
pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_transgender

by micobolt

In a world that's going through both technological and magical revolution. Do you have what it takes to be successful as an inventor while navigating your changing world?
exclusive_gay_romance pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_nonbinary real_life romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc school young_adult

by popi

It's a story about your last year of high school and your admission test for university. You'll have to deal with stress, family, friends and love interest(you'll be playing as an AFAB who is into gals). Make sure you don't lose your mind.
crime grim preset_protagonist real_life serious trigger_warnings

by interestedparty

The story of two broken, unhealthy individuals. On a path toward recovery or further into Hell.
future lighthearted monsters ninjas pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc school superheroes

by ParrotWatcher

A story about a group of teenage superheroes trying to save the world from mad gods, giant robots, and awkward teen romances. (WIP)
horror monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc zombies

by archer

The sun isn't the only thing that dawn shall bring today.
crime grim pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc science_fiction steampunk trigger_warnings young_adult

by melancholy

You don't know who you are, or even who you were. Your only hope is a cryptic note that sends you into a dark world of killing targets, managing your mental health, finding answers and the struggle of scrubbing blood off your favourite boots.
comedy detailed_world-building fantasy magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc school young_adult

by katandgale

Deep in the lands of Marryss-knows-where, a certain "Windmere School for Masters and Their Familiars" resides... Sure, you don't have a familiar yet, and sure, you have absolutely no idea what you're doing. But all will be well, right?
fantasy magic medieval vampires

by saltychampion

WIP. DEMO. Medieval fantasy style,RPG CYOA game. Also Vampires!
fantasy monsters mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman science_fiction

by animallover

(WIP v0.1) Enter a virtual world and live out your ideal second life! Customize yourself to your liking and explore a variety of themed locales, meeting all kinds of interesting people along the way. But be wary, as it may be too good to be true...
military space_opera

by spytim

The great war between the United Earth Government and the Anglo-Chinese Commonwealth has been raging for eleven years now. You are a captain in the UEG Navy, your duty is to our beloved Emperor, do your duty. (Spinoff title to the Operative)
fantasy medieval serious

by demon

Welcome to city N, where plague and desperation rule unopposed. Take on a role of the city guard and try to remain sane and alive - or succumb to city's influence.
aliens detailed_world-building lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman pc_can_be_transgender politics romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc science_fiction serious trigger_warnings war

by Darthdovahkin

Join an alien task force and kill other badder aliens and stuff. Zoom through space with your pew pews. You'll bang, okay?
alternate_history comedy crime grim lore_rich_world military pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender philosophical politics real_life romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_gender-fluid_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc series serious uplifting

by Maxwell121415

Take upon the role of the leader for a crew of mischief, tasked in taking over the whole of Chicago, play as either a criminal, or an undercover cop! Warning, may contain mild profanity... and also mild sacrasm..

by bl00dragon

Revamped version of my game: The Wight King. Prologue is finished and there is now the beginning of chapter 1.
fantasy magic medieval monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonhuman pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc war

by aleximorcof09

Become the bodyguard to the heir to the Ruler of the human realm. Battle monsters, bandits, fall in love, and help overthrow an empire.
child_friendly fantasy lighthearted magic monsters no_explicit_violence no_sexual_content non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary school warm-hearted

by franzinyte

Go on fantasy adventures across the literary realm together with your twin sibling! Will you fix the plot holes? Or will you rewrite the story worlds to your own desire?

by thomb

To celebrate the near completion of the Evertree Inn sequel, it's time to set sail for the Island of Sordwin. Full Game Release later this year! This demo, which includes the first 2 chapters of the game, is still in Beta so may contain errors.
fantasy magic medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_non-binary_npc young_adult

by hannahjoy

You are second sighted, a Gift that allows you to see restless spirits and visions of death. When it makes you a target of the Asmanian Empire, you must act to stop the oncoming genocide and restore peace to the continent. (Second draft)
comedy fantasy lighthearted magic medieval mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc uplifting warm-hearted

by smod

You are a Fey-Fox, people that can take the shape of a fox. There are several other names for what you are--kitsune, huxian, kumiho--but they mean the same thing. To the humans, it means you are a monster. To the princess of Sunholt, however, it means you can help her defend her small kingdom.
fantasy lighthearted medieval no_explicit_violence pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romanceable_bisexual_npc

by smod

Fox of Sunholt side-story 1
crime pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance

by smolpirate

You just graduated from police academy and you just began your ride-along experience in a very odd team. Romance focused game!
comedy detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic medieval monsters philosophical science_fiction

by szaal

Action-Adventure RPG set in a high-medieval fantasy Europe.
detailed_world-building grim historical non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary philosophical politics romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc trigger_warnings war

by mouseshepherd

Early WIP. You rule the city-state of Ured, the pinnacle of civilization, but dark omens portend its catastrophic collapse within a few years. Can you hold it together?
crime detailed_world-building fantasy grim lore_rich_world magic medieval military pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc war young_adult

by kirstenstrange

Dark times are upon the wizards and witches of Ophelius, as the High Priestess calls for each and everyone of their demise, naming them all responsible for the banishment of the seven Gods...
fantasy magic non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender politics romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc

by theladyluck

A fantasy WIP
fantasy lore_rich_world magic monsters no_explicit_violence no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonhuman romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc steampunk war

by kirstenstrange

A text-based RPG where you chose between good or evil, tech or magic. Gain or leave behind companions who would either learn to love, or hate you.
fantasy magic no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary school science_fiction

by princessap7

Do you want to do the magic! Get teleported to a magic school and do magic school stuff!
detailed_world-building future lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male philosophical science_fiction

by captainmjb

In a post-apocalyptic world, delve into the ruins of Seattle as what was a simple messenger job quickly becomes more complicated. The Emerald City is legendary for it's mysteries and secrets, but you'll quickly find it can be quite sinister.
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonhuman romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc

by locke

Welcome to Grand Aera Online, the future of MMOs! Create guilds, find secrets, beat the hardest raids - the world is yours.
alternate_history historical military pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male politics romance romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc war

by cottage14

In the British Army in Nova Scotia around 1800, you are ready to take your one chance, your one moment, for fame and fortune. But...which moment is it?
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic medieval no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary war

by walamacada

A very short play-test for upcoming game game. Basic premise is PC wakes up with no memory and must go on a quest to find out who they are and where they came from.
future lighthearted pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc science_fiction space_opera

by siredmund

In which there are space pirates, sinister megacorps, starship repomen, and wildly inaccurate descriptions of explosions in space.
crime military no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_transgender real_life romance serious trigger_warnings war

by goldensilver

You are down on your luck, no money, no life, no way to pay the bills anymore, no future. One day you have a lucky encounter with one man who can change your life. He is a mercenary, and after you prove yourself to him, he offers you to join.
fantasy magic mythology no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc surreal

by eclecticeccentric

Unusual situations have become your life ever since you met and befriended a sea creature from Greek Mythology. Your stargazing is interrupted by the constellations themselves, you have a narrator in your head, and you discover and relive your past life. Myths and magic will force their way into your life, whether you like it or not.
crime pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc series

by scribblesome

Play as a secret agent sent to infiltrate a shadowy corporation.
detailed_world-building future grim lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance romanceable_gay_npc serious trigger_warnings

by ylva

A grimdark, comic book style ChoiceScript game.
detailed_world-building pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender superheroes

by meltingpenguins

Life has not been kind to you. You lost your job, your home, maybe even your hope. At least you still have your teenage child. Will you follow a bizarre letter promising a second chance to a town you never even heard of?
lore_rich_world magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender

by leem

Go on a quest in an attempt to defy death to rescue a loved one. Solve supernatural mysteries. Discover the immense power in your blood. Get hunted by reapers.
crime horror lighthearted pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary science_fiction

by clarge

Salt City is not a place for the faint-hearted. Crime-rates are high. Life-expectancy is low, and tempers are short. You are a private eye, wet behind the ears, but showing a lot of promise. First three chapters only. Please leave feedback.

by interestedparty

Experience the magic and grime of the Gilded Age from the viewpoint of a private detective, who just so happens to be blind.
fantasy lore_rich_world magic monsters mythology non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance series

by lordbeezlebub

It was hard not to find the job. The flyers were posted everywhere between Texas and Florida. And it seemed like whoever posted them, had someone dedicated to following them and scratching out the word China, with the word Hell. But, that has not deterred you yet.

by bl00dragon

Preview of another project of mine.(no choices yet) Twenty years ago the world had its first taste of chaos since the old days. With the resurgence came back the monsters we had forgotten. Humanity, in disarray was taken by surprise, we had grown soft and the monsters devastated us. Only our superior technology allowed us to shield ourselves from this new threat behind gigantic walls and weapons able to destroy even the terrifying monsters. However the resurgence had brought another surprise with it, slowly the young generation began to present exceptional powers. Mutants, they were called, the traumatism so fresh in the mind of humanity came back in full force. To prevent waves of panic and abuse, the government hunted every powered down, either to kill or capture them. From then on, the state had taken complete control of society. And another dark age began. I am Deathclaw, one of the first powered born into this world. I have many grudges to settle, it is time for me to get retribution for all of my kind.
aliens fantasy politics science_fiction

by charles-lsr

You are an average nobody .In all your life ,you had great ideals but no power.Now ,today you discovered that you belong to an omnipotent race.What will you do with the power
detailed_world-building future no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male science_fiction space_opera

by alexandra

Sabotage starships, uncover secrets, and change identities in this science fiction espionage adventure. Customize your approach to spycraft and create your own aliases -- but in a world where everyone's identity is flexible, who will you choose to trust?
fantasy grim lore_rich_world magic mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman

by jacic

Ongoing WIP from the CSComp entry by the same name. The tale of the rusalki is a tragic one, their mythology mired in stories of death and revenge. All rasulki were human once, but no more. Brought back from the dead to haunt bodies of water, they lure the unwary beneath the waves. Waking up in the ocean, you find yourself thrown into this world. How will you survive?
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