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  1. You are a Super Hero by masqcrew
  2. astoryinthecity by creepypastakitty
  3. The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One by seraphinite
  4. How to Train Your Familiar by osulity
  5. Chronicles of Hallarmuli by arasia
  6. Of Beasts and Humans by Ledalla
  7. Odin's Eye Demo by tool
  8. Villain by Default: Minion of the Virtuous by dreaminggames
  9. Xenophobia 2.0 by cecilia-rosewood
  10. Empty Shell by cecilia-rosewood
  11. The Guard's Duty by demon
  12. Model Citizens: Unmasked by renab
  13. Carhalow by iris
  14. Her wish - Naruto Fanfic game by asunaxi
  15. Nest of Snakes by egwells
  16. Zatara by mismallark
  17. Undying King by antoinnesommeil
  18. Dawn of Aquilas by ceritus
  19. Corresponding Red Breezes by rusansusso
  20. For the Crown by toxicdreams
  21. (WIP) Blackbird by lewism
  22. Queen of the Nile by bs2610
  23. Cursed Eyes by chibahateme
  24. Project Echleon by brianm
  25. Mourning Light by Ledalla
  26. To Be a Slave by arasia
  27. hgjg by fireburn180
  28. Humanity's Darkest Secret by spoxy
  29. Notes from the Underground by kjmenon
  30. A Hag Called Fate by frosty3x
  31. Highway Marshall by adrao
  32. The Murder of George P. Burdell by ojacobsgt
  33. Supernatural in NY by roxanneabner
  34. Office Romance Game by cammycamaro
  35. The Witch of Kircheim by leo
  36. WonderLife Prison for Women by snowpanther
  37. Dominion: Sins of the Father by shawnreed343
  38. No title currently by razorpaw
  39. Othandi Khile's Song by add
  40. Dragon Racer Demo by toxicdreams
  41. Trompe L'oeil by elihz9101
  42. Destiny of the Exile by lizzy1
  43. All: Replica Series Book One Past Pains by sharpone
  44. Countdown to World's End by ParrotWatcher
  45. Outsiders by snowpanther
  46. Project Hairball by cecilia-rosewood
  47. The Masked Mirror by rgh
  48. Light of Beacon by peglegpenguin
  49. X by dolphinzgirl
  50. Evertree Inn - Demo by thomb
  51. Fallen Hero by malinryden
  52. Before Sunrise by novem
  53. Felipe Femur: Choice Games (DEMO) by osfox
  54. Through Broken Lenses by interestedparty
  55. Rider by leopardmoon
  56. King of Avenia by mac
  57. Second Chances by Wraith
  58. D. O. T. S. 2.0? by perrothetraveler
  59. The Followers by maxmansung
  60. The Wight King 0.0.1 (WIP) by bl00dragon
  61. Be the Nekomata by pacen
  62. Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power by ericmoser
  63. The Paths to Greatness by writingfever
  64. Children of the Gods by rohie
  65. From a Different View by interestedparty
  66. Monsters by shawnreed343
  67. Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights (hero game) by snoe
  68. United We Stand by alexclifford1994
  69. Ten Million by pristinemaniac4
  70. Monsters of New Haven High by Sashira
  71. Highlands, Deep Waters by lucaszaper
  72. The Golden Eagle by Goshman
  73. Mortal Odyssey by mfloyd
  74. Awoken by scribblesome
  75. The Beastie Watch by fiogan
  76. From Ashes We Rise by Wraith
  77. Uncle Irwin's Bookshop by forumcommunitycoopproject
  78. Choice of Rebels: Uprising by havenstone
  79. Guenevere by jeantown
  80. The Winter Child by Mystjerne
  81. Y U G E N by rose
  82. The Beast and the Castle by iris
  83. Caught in a Reverie by rose
  84. Phobia by dashingdon
  85. Modern Majesty by shilocannon
  86. The Sea Maiden by jacic
  87. Vendetta by vendetta
  88. Totem Force by ParrotWatcher
  89. Dragon Poop for Sale by MaeCameron
  90. Solo Guild by aztechwolf
  91. Counter-Striek 1.6 by aleksandar123
  92. Breach by Maxwell121415
  93. Shinsengumi by johnny101
  94. Across the Skies and Seas by NeoHeartless
  95. Choice of the Teacher by josiahcv
  96. Icarus Sun Demo by renab
  97. Planet Rescue by aaster23
  98. A Wolf and I by dragonbutts
  99. Trompe L'oeil by blues
  100. majnegame by trafik
  101. Towersgirls:CoS edition by sarin555
  102. The Draconic Challenges by jacic
  103. English Knight by bmpf15
  104. Keeper of the Sun and Moon by daydreamsincolor
  105. Rosebud Prep 18+ (Demo) by elite
  106. Beowulf by RSalus
  107. The Hypnotist (Public Demo) by Kelvin
  108. Avalon: Tides of War by TeslaV2
  109. The End Cave by jennykgilman
  110. 2345 by user22hundred
  111. Choice Game by krpopp
  112. Immortal (WIP) by SheaMcD
  113. Nail and Circlet by mtkemara
  114. Counting Spoons by Felicity
  115. Authors Dilemma by AdmiralChocobos
  116. Seasons passing by Dreamwalker
  117. Speed by Speed_King
  118. Benito Development Agency by Marcela
  119. The Hero Deserved by TMMEnean
  120. Blood For Poppies by LaceTheDisgrace
  121. Tiny Room Exploration Prototype by Herko
  122. 9 Lives by leo
  123. An Odd Birthday by Eleckar
  124. Another world by Moles
  125. 100 lives by leo
  126. Flatbreak by Faewkless
  127. Knightly Fate by Kingoflosing
  128. A Taste for Revenge by thatguyjonny
  129. Scarlet Sails by Felicity
  130. Down the Wombat Hole by Felicity
  131. Shattered Realms by EmptySkies
  132. Lord of Dust by RounakBhunia
  133. Karma Wars by furon83
  134. Secret Girlfriend V2 by dgraham11
  135. Secret Girlfriend by dgraham11
  136. A Life Remembered by Ziricon8
  137. The Burden by dashingdon