“AFTER: Zero Life (WIP)”

You play as a Delhuman, the 4th evolution of humanity and the newest race to join the Tasmaii Incorporate, who is given the opportunity to leave Earth behind and travel to Doldes, the TI's most prized city planet. As you traverse this new world, you'll meet new Planetary Races, some friend and some foe, as the different relationships you forge help to shape your story. Claim your side in one of the biggest issues dividing the Tasmaii people, Functional Cellular Stasis. Will you stand with the Government, which makes it illegal to age naturally? Will you join forces with the religious Elds, who fight as rebels and outlaws, willing to die for their right to die naturally? Will you find a path that's all your own, uncovering the histories and mysteries of the Planetary Races along the way? Or will you flounder in the Doldesian society? The choices are yours.