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alternate_history historical military pc_can_be_female politics school serious war

by jryoung

WORK-IN-PROGRESS; Lead an Iroquois community during the conflicts of late 18th century North America.

by nikemonroe

Spend the New Year with your chosen love interest and see a whole new side of them! It includes ROs who haven't yet been officially introduced in the main story's demo; Astrid Cain, Ileana Dracul, and Freya Lacroix.
historical horror lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male vampires

by gentlemensgentleman

Valor of the Blood Hunt is a vampire hunter story. A blood hunt is about to be declared. A night when vampires openly feast on the living. Can you stop it or will you falter before the creatures of the night?

by chip

Play as a tree that became human in cruel and unique fantasy-world. Will you gain a soul that you never had? Will you survive, at least?

by omegareaven

Swish is a story set in parallel universe where the NBA and Basketball in general is co-ed. Your story starts when your 3. You pick up a ball while at a family reunion and even being little you take to it like a fish in water. Growing and evolving y
aliens detailed_world-building lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman science_fiction space_opera

by missie

You were just supposed to deliver some cargo...but, suddenly, your journey became exponentially more complicated. A tale about an alien transporter, finding themself dealing with friendship, morality, mysteries...and, well, space. Welcome aboard, Captain.

by congresswolf

You're invited to a murder mystery dinner party game, but there's a twist: The murder mystery game becomes real life! Can you find out who the killer is before it's too late? A classic who-dun-it in ChoiceScript.
comedy mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc series trigger_warnings young_adult

by penguinarms

Life has been good down in the underworld, you have a loving family, great friends, and three loyal dogs. Unfortunately, life never seems to stay good for you for too long as your peaceful life is about to fall into Chaos, again.

by optimistprime

Gameplay simulator for a cricket RPG! Currently playable as a sample final over of a World Cup ODI game, either batting or bowling. Will eventually be used to create a full RPG.
exclusive_straight_romance fantasy genderlocked_female lore_rich_world magic medieval pc_can_be_nonhuman politics romance

by reagan-mclean

Guardian of Time is a fantasy story about an orphan girl who bonds with the dragon of time and has to fight against an evil cult and navigate the intricacies of imperial politics as the betrothed of the crown prince.

by itsanna

Being an immortal witch is hard enough, but when what should have been an easy hunt, turns into a game of cat and mouse, you are forced to join a cast of misfit supernatural to learn the real truth.
alternate_history detailed_world-building historical medieval military serious

by masqcrew

A very ambitious project. It's not much yet. Mostly working on the stat concept. Suggestions and critiques are most welcome.
crime detailed_world-building romance science_fiction superheroes young_adult

by enigma12479

Aequitas. A household name (...or at least it had been six years ago). It would’ve been impossible for the team not to have gained any attention. After all heroes in general attracted a lot of attention- teen heroes- let alone a group of them was alw
crime no_explicit_violence pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male philosophical serious trigger_warnings

by muso

How will you behave when you're given the chance to judge and affect other people's lives without consequence?
crime fantasy pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance young_adult

by boringandbored

As a new private investigator, you tried to make your business survive by finding investigations. Only one of them is gonna change your world view.

by cmaecameron

You play as one of ten competitors in a newly launched game called "Dragon's Heir". Your job should you choose to accept it is to play the game and win!
alternate_history fantasy pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male science_fiction

by autbunout

Short demo of me learning choice script. It's the 1950s, it's your birthday, and you've some errands to run. How will you proceed?

by morganr

The beginning of an adventure set in a fantasy world.
aliens animal_protagonist fantasy horror monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonhuman pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc science_fiction series young_adult zombies

by desmondxashford

You wake up in a lab, without anything, even your memory is faulty. Blood and bodies are everywhere and running around the facility is corruption. You need to escape the facility and to do that you need to find other survivors while not trying to die
fantasy grim magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male politics romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc trigger_warnings war

by dawn1000

A gluttunous upper class; a starving peasant class; a resentful merchant class; a hated mage class. In the Kingdom of Rein, corruption runs rampant, tensions are rising and revolution is coming.

by stalinhimselfv2

Step into the 18th century village of Kisilova, and explore one of the oldest and most famous cases of vampire hysteria.The inhabitants of Kisilova are convinced a local man, Peter Blagojevitz, has returned from the dead to terrorise them

by Ledalla

The remake of Of Beasts and Humans. Play a lost soul on a quest to recover their memories in a journey through purgatory.
romance school superheroes

by sssssssssd22

Its like unordinary but your the main character.

by morganr

They say it's the greatest school of magic in the Known World... and you're about to become a student there.

by dfunny

Become the most feard villain in the world
detailed_world-building fantasy grim horror magic medieval monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc series serious trigger_warnings warm-hearted

by firesnail

Stories of heroes, legends and chosen ones are commonplace. But you'd never thought it was your child who would have to save the world from the Demon Lord's clutches.
grim horror monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance trigger_warnings

by wesker18

Running away from abusive after revealing a dark secret of her own, you and your older sister embark on a new life on the road, as you meet others who will join you and others who will wish her and you and your whole species death: werewolves.
fantasy historical lore_rich_world young_adult

by aweepingdalek

Step into the shoes of a modern day Cherokee who finds themselves thrown back in time to 1820, just ten years before the harrowing Trail of Tears. Dive into the history and mystical folklore of the native people.

by starchild

Very Alpha this game you make a simple story. This story may be a fairy tale style story and this game shall be family friendly. Note this game is very very not done yet though!

by mikstone

Play as a powerful witch and talented healer, living in the shadow of your late father’s legacy, and your ‘unique relationship’ with Death himself.
crime historical lighthearted pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc

by foxvixen

As the only heir to a dying legacy, it's up to you to turn the tides of your family's fortunes and get married! Enjoy London's famous marriage market, party like it's the late 1800s (cause it is) and most importantly, Get Married!
detailed_world-building fantasy horror lore_rich_world magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc series trigger_warnings

by gatheringstarduststudios

A supernatural romance horror saga involving a war that's carried on for over a thousand years between those loyal to the Elder gods and those who rebel against their dictatorship.
child_friendly exclusive_gay_romance fantasy pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc young_adult

by okimihanako

Currently, it’s about you…Travel around the Dimension of…ANIME! Yes- I’m an Anime-Fan:slight_smile, so Anime is My hero Academia...or something else, I’m planning to update 1 day a week…or 2-3 days- idk

by yukiblacksnow

sex, babies, romance, to have sex with a family member

by optimistprime

Chapter One of Cursed!, a tale of chance encounters, capricious magic and the conflict between chaos, order and law enforcement.
aliens alternate_history fantasy grim horror lore_rich_world military monsters mythology romance series trigger_warnings war

by varyn

In a world where monsters exist, it is up to you and your friends to battle and protect your world. Prove yourself worthy of being called a Night Hunter.
comedy fantasy magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc science_fiction trigger_warnings young_adult

by netty

Become a soldier, scholar, exotic dancer or rogue, then get kidnapped and forced to take part in a twisted interdimensional game show! Contains smut scenes that the player can opt out of. Lovers can be male, female or futa.
fantasy genderlocked_female lore_rich_world medieval

by seri

A fangame of A Song of Ice and Fire. You follow the journey of Lyanna Stark, the she-wolf of Winterfell, at the year of false spring. Enjoy the first tournament in your life. However... why do you feel that something bad is going to happen?
alternate_history genderlocked_female genderlocked_male grim historical no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male serious trigger_warnings young_adult

by hexfur

Hunger games, with an alternate history starting from the 75th games on. Become a tribute, compete in the 5th Quarter Quell, and survive to become a victor.

by byakko

An incomplete story inspired by Game of Thrones and medieval history

by yaswanthkrishna

Story starts after world war-3, where many countries were destroyed due to nuclear war. In remaining people their next generations instead of having disease they born with powers. The game revolves around the battle between new heroes and new villai

by tidebranch

You play as a Northern Goshawk born in a world governed by birds.
aliens crime

by dragon2025

The story i made when i was learning to code

by omegareaven

Lead your family kingdom to greatness or ruin

by daugtherofolympus

''Heavy is the Crown' is a text-based interactive fiction heavily inspired by Arthurian Legends The game will focus on relationships and will be character driven. So, ready to wear the Crown ?
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