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detailed_world-building historical lore_rich_world military non-western_culture politics romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc war young_adult

by penrose

Years ago, you were uprooted from the only home you'd ever known and captured to be sold as a slave. Now, war is at your doorstep once again and you're the only one who can bridge the gap — as a Commander of the country that invaded your homeland.
lighthearted non-western_culture real_life romance

by alieebobo

Head home for the holidays. *Cue: Imminent disaster.* Will you survive dinner with the extended family? Will you find new love or rekindle an old flame? Where, and what, /is/ home, anyway?
fantasy horror monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male science_fiction

by thechaosarchivist

For over a decade, you've kept yourself tucked away inside the safety of land and home. The outside world is an afterthought, a reality far removed from all you have ever known. Your world's a dream shattered by the echoing cry of a desperate song.
horror monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance

by lacunafiction

Fernweh Saga is a character driven, romance focused, interactive fiction with slow-build horror elements that unravel as you move deeper into the plot. Book One is now released! <3
crime fantasy lore_rich_world romance

by leone

You play as a thief pressed into the employ of a mysterious nobleman. With the your life, the fate of your guild, and your honor on the line, you'll have to navigate the perils of the royal court and combat a more mystical threat.
fantasy lore_rich_world magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman pc_can_be_transgender romanceable_bisexual_npc young_adult

by kris

Dungeons. They are mysterious things. Nobody knows how they come to be, but everyone knows they come hand in hand with danger and reward. Adventurers all across the land flock to them, seeking wealth and fame. However, you are a Dungeon!
horror military pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance trigger_warnings war young_adult zombies

by not-kayj

The first day society collapsed and the toxic smoke rolled in billions and billions of humans died, but with all that death something new was created… Zombies. Those that died reanimated into brainless, vicious killers that only craved one thing…
pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary sports

by writersblock

You've played basketball for as long as you can remember. Your only goal is to win. Do you have what it takes for the last shot?
genderlocked_female romance school vampires young_adult

by wackyghost769

Spend a year in an all girls school full of vampires. Learn how to live like one, or let your humanity be taken away by becoming a vampire yourself. Find romance, meet different characters and learn the real meaning of eternal love.
comedy crime detailed_world-building fantasy future horror lore_rich_world magic medieval military monsters mythology non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender politics romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc school science_fiction series serious sports superheroes trigger_warnings vampires war young_adult

by leon

Will you choose love? Or will you choose your legacy?
detailed_world-building fantasy genderlocked_male grim lore_rich_world military politics serious trigger_warnings war

by xychael

Testing version for Viam Ferro Stats Screen & Customisation Options
alternate_history detailed_world-building lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male real_life romance

by panryderson

A game made by a wrestling fan for anyone who wants to steps into the world of everyone's favorite fake sport.
fantasy historical medieval mythology non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman pc_can_be_transgender romanceable_gay_npc war

by phenrex

You are an immortal who believed yourself to have seen it all, settling with seeing only in shades of gray. But confronted with a challenge you have never met before, a babe abandoned and in need of care, you begin to see the world flushed anew in vi
fantasy grim horror lore_rich_world medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc trigger_warnings

by rhapshie

The crown on your head wasn't gained without a price. What legacy will you create for yourself as the Emperor of the demon realm?
fantasy magic medieval monsters mythology romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gender-fluid_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc school vampires war young_adult

by ldnunes

You are the heir of one of the most feared houses on the entire continent of El-lar, descended from cruel and powerful leaders and warriors, carrying your family's bloody legacy on your shoulders. Your father's expectations are upon you, demanding..
alternate_history future military pc_can_be_female politics science_fiction space_opera war

by spytim

The war is over but the galaxy still burns. You are an Operative of the Empire. But when ghosts of the past threaten to plunge the galaxy into another war, you must burn your past or embrace it anew.
pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary trigger_warnings zombies

by theconfusedtissue

The world has been gripped by a zombie virus. You are infected, but you've somehow retained consciousness. How will you survive the outbreak?

by wonderinglily

You are "magically" transported to the world of Luneria. Filled with fantastical creatures, and beings that can wield a power gifted by the Gods. A world completely different from your own. And incredibly strange, yet familiar...But the strangest
alternate_history comedy crime detailed_world-building fantasy grim historical horror lore_rich_world magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male philosophical romance romanceable_bisexual_npc science_fiction serious steampunk western

by msworn

An insurance adjuster, armed with an Arcane Forensics degree and surrounded by a group of loyal colleagues, investigates the strange events unfolding in Universe, a city transitioning from flintlock pistols to magic-powered Automations.
fantasy historical medieval

by princejackal27

Set in a time when Arabia was dominated by jinn and gods, you play as the crown heir of a (mostly) unified kingdom.
fantasy lore_rich_world magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc steampunk

by honeylou

Play as a retired hedgehunter called back into action in this solarpunk science-fantasy romance
detailed_world-building fantasy lore_rich_world magic monsters mythology non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary philosophical politics romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc

by gilbertgallo

An unexpected apocalypse takes you away from your hi-tech metropolis, sending you to a distant world where magic and religion influence everybody's life. Why did you get here? Is there a way back home? Is this reality, or is it just a dream?
grim superheroes young_adult

by jsc

This is a tale of grief and vengeance set in a city teeming with corruption. You play as a child of an ex-vigilante and a famous superhero, seeking to avenge your dad's murder. This is your tale, Revenger, and you will decide how you will seize it.
historical pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary trigger_warnings

by ayinw

You are an ordinary person with a not so ordinary secret, one that could ruin your entire life. What happens once you confess it to a complete stranger?
fantasy future grim horror magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary philosophical real_life romance school science_fiction serious trigger_warnings young_adult

by leinco

When you enroll at an isolated boarding school deep in the Lake District, everything is not as it seems. When students start dying, will you step up? Or will you be consumed by apathy?
fantasy grim medieval monsters non-western_culture pc_can_be_male politics school serious trigger_warnings war

by nickydicky

You play as an heir of an old and noble, but decadent family of Martial Artists. It's fate within your hands: whether you will restores its previous glory or will let it collapse under turbulent tides of the Martial World is up to you.
detailed_world-building future horror lore_rich_world military monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male politics romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc science_fiction

by bacondoneperfect

You play as a veteran cultist hunter with a checkered past returning to the job after a brief, failed retirement.
alternate_history lore_rich_world pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender superheroes young_adult

by juan

Join the internationally renowned League of Heroes, the superhero team tasked with defending America, as its newest rookie. Prepare to face evil villains, broken cults, and even long-dead legends that ought to be left alone!
fantasy lore_rich_world magic medieval monsters mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender politics preset_protagonist romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc trigger_warnings young_adult

by icaro

Smoke wraps dirty hands around your throat, a tearstained, choking memory. Thieving shadows on the white-washed walls of the great Avolire. Golden eyes on a golden throne, beloved, glittering, a liar. A smiling command at gilded feet. A hunt.
fantasy grim horror magic monsters no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman

by jacic

On the longest night of the year, spirits that hunger for blood creep close to the veil that separates life from death. If you disturb them, there is only one way it can end.
comedy detailed_world-building fantasy grim lighthearted lore_rich_world magic medieval monsters mythology pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc trigger_warnings war warm-hearted young_adult

by veraynea

Celebrate the holiday seasons with Ara, Serena, and Darus as your evil overlord self. Snowend is a great holiday to eat, drink, dance, and replay some past memories with your friend-family-minions. *A winter-holiday short story to Demon, Fireforged.*
detailed_world-building fantasy medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_nonbinary romance young_adult

by kalouco

For as long as you can remember, you've had psychic powers. After being given your grandmother's tarot deck, you start seeing some hints that not all is right in the world of the spirits and fae... and you're about to be pulled into it.
crime horror monsters romance school vampires young_adult

by ldnunes

Synopsis: You are a vampire who has been transformed for a year, still struggling to adjust to your new life, and now part of the supernatural community at school. Murders occur ,and they were not caused by humans, even worse that some who died....
comedy crime fantasy grim magic monsters mythology no_sexual_content pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary politics surreal

by deeborm

You were created by a mad wizard in a land of monsters and immediately accused of murder. How can you defend yourself against the law of Evil? How can you find the truth in a world of injustice?

by morgan-vane

A supernatural romance story with horror elements and villain romances! Written by Intimidating Puffin Studios~
fantasy lore_rich_world magic medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc

by myimaginedcorner

You are a noble who was stripped from their title and possessions: your mother was executed, your father disappeared. Now, a letter corroborates the rumours you've heard about an artifact that can reveal one's true nature. What will you do?
detailed_world-building medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance young_adult

by firstlast

Growing up on the streets of Hvinir is tough, but the kindness of a thief guild leader puts a stop to that. You grow up earning valuables for the guild to survive. One day, you end up getting sent to the castle as a servant with the mission to take.
horror pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romanceable_bisexual_npc serious trigger_warnings vampires

by charonte

After a mysterious, masked physician cures you from a vicious plague, you start to feel some strange and unfamiliar cravings. When attending a masquerade ball in a crowded ballroom, you feel your yearnings becoming increasingly harder to withstand.
detailed_world-building fantasy lighthearted lore_rich_world magic medieval mythology no_explicit_violence non-western_culture pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc romanceable_non-binary_npc warm-hearted

by Caevacior

You are the Messenger. Your job is to deliver messages. Now, it's time to deliver the most important and dangerous message yet. Embark on an epic quest to seek the Chosen One to help restore balance to the world or succumb to catastrophic disaster.
animal_protagonist fantasy magic monsters pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary trigger_warnings young_adult

by lupusdeus

Play as a werewolf in a world filled with magic. Uncover your past, save the world or destroy it.
detailed_world-building monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male philosophical real_life romanceable_gender-fluid_npc surreal young_adult

by whaletune

Five years ago, your best friend became a missing person. You couldn't save her, couldn't stop her, and try as you may, you could never find her. But tonight... tonight, they found you. Live through a story you were never meant to have a role in.

by hminger

You are Sighted, one of the rare individuals who can see through magical illusions, ghosts, and visions of future deaths.
fantasy horror lore_rich_world magic medieval monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc

by salazar

A hunter with a rare disease escorts two noble siblings on a journey to an ancient temple where blood magic had it's beginning. Mysteries are to be revealed and change the world in this Dark Fantasy journey.
historical military romance

by haleym

Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian is a character driven and romance focused story about a Pictish druid infiltrating Roman Legion.
alternate_history comedy crime detailed_world-building lore_rich_world military pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_transgender real_life romance romanceable_asexual_npc romanceable_bisexual_npc romanceable_gay_npc romanceable_gender-fluid_npc romanceable_heterosexual_npc sequel series serious trigger_warnings war young_adult

by Maxwell121415

Breach: Chicago War Zone is an on-going project, picking up where The Archangel Job left off. The game runs on a dice system which can be turned off according to personal preferences.

by knotavin

A battle to survive aboard a spaceship that is cruising through space. One of the crew has killed another, and they will continue to kill until they are stopped. Step into the shoes of one of the crew members as they attempt to survive.
fantasy magic monsters pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary young_adult

by terrorcrest

(WIP) Your life is no longer yours. But that doesn't mean you can't stop living. A new world with demons and devils outside lays before you. Will you be a savior? Or will you perish?
detailed_world-building fantasy magic medieval pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male romance romanceable_bisexual_npc young_adult

by neenak

Meraki:Calais’ Gift is a story about a baby (you) who turns up in front of a doorstep one night, and grows up to live a seemingly normal life. But as the annual royal festival commences a mysterious incident occurs.
animal_protagonist fantasy grim magic pc_can_be_female pc_can_be_male pc_can_be_nonbinary pc_can_be_nonhuman pc_can_be_transgender romance romanceable_asexual_npc

by inneshalpine

You needed to survive day by day for over nine years, and now you must live with the consequences.
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